Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment



What is this qualification?
This qualification is a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and is part of the Apprenticeship framework
developed by SummitSkills.
NVQs encourage an employee to value their contribution to the workplace, and develop their skills and
potential. It is recognised by the Joint Industry Board (JIB) for grading. This qualification requires
occupational evidence.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for:

  • those who wish to become a competent electrician
  • those who wish to pursue a career in the
  • electrotechnical/building services sector
    learners undertaking SummitSkills Apprenticeship frameworks.

How is the qualification delivered?

The knowledge units are typically Centre delivered though workshop practicals, and classroom study. The performance units require evidence from the workplace.


There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

However, the potential learner must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the skills, knowledge and experience requirements of the NVQ before enrolment.

What does it cover?

The skills and knowledge required to install electrotechnical systems and equipment in buildings, structures and the environment. The qualification is made up of knowledge units and performance units. The units cover a wide range of topics including health and safety, environmental technology systems, overseeing and organising the work environment, planning, preparing and installing electrical systems and equipment, terminating and connecting conductors, cables and flexible cords, inspecting, testing, commissioning and fault diagnosis and correction. Integral to this qualification is the Electrotechnical Occupational Competence Unit which is assessed by the AM2.


The awarding body for this qualification is EAL Awarding Body (eal.org.uk) and the regulatory body is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual);


The duration of an NVQ Assessment will be agreed during your Initial assessment & Induction.

However, we would expect your NVQ qualification to be complete within 12 weeks.
Fast track options may be available. Please contact our enquiries team direct for further information.

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